Interim Pastor's Page
September 2014

A big thanks is in order for all those who attended worship this summer. I, for one, appreciate your willingness to manage a little anxiety in order to more clearly define worship at the Presbyterian Church of Broomfield. I am pleased to say we have learned a great deal from our worship experiments

What we have learned

Contemporary Worship Service

We have learned there is a need for a truly contemporary service that is not blended with the traditional Sunday morning worship services.  There is energy and excitement for a Sunday evening service with music from the Christian Billboard top 100 and the occasional older song.

Worship Times

8:00 and 10:30 are the best time for worship for reasons we did not know about in June. Car sharing, dining schedules, social commitments and work are reasons people gave for their time preference.


Feedback indicates there is not clear consensus regarding the use of PowerPoint, the projector and other sources of media. Several people commented prayers feel very different when printed in the bulletin than when they are projected on the screen. While some appreciated the use of the projector for music, others preferred the hymnal. The committee will take a long, hard look at the best way to meet people’s needs and wishes.


Music proved to be the most demanding area of growth and change. First, we learned it is very difficult to classify and label types of music. For example, what is contemporary for one person might be traditional for someone else. Is a U2 song contemporary, classical, secular or Christian?. The answer depends on whom you ask. There is also a strong desire to learn more music with the assistance of a song leader or the choir.

Worship Elements

This summer we included several learning styles in worship. People had varied reactions to each teaching style. For some, kinesthetic does not feel like worship while for others it helps them in connecting with the message.  From Father Abraham to the Rainbow Balloons, people were open to new ideas. Generally speaking most people appreciated the use of various learning styles in worship.

Moving Forward

This fall we will return to our traditional worship times:

8:00 Worship (Less Formal)

9:15-10:15 Adult Study

10:30 Worship (Traditional) with Sunday School

The worship committee will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss our findings and to seek more feedback. Keep an eye out for an email and announcement on a specific time for the worship town hall meeting.