Words from the Pastor

April 2015

In our Easter church bulletin you will read, Easter begins an endless alleluia to the King of Kings! What a great reminder!

Because of Easter, our lives are completely and totally changed forever because our Savior has conquered death and has overcome the grave.

Because of Easter, we are reminded again that we can never, ever fall beyond the love of Christ, that we can never “out-sin” the love of God, or ever be separated from God’s grace.

Because of Easter we can offer an endless alleluia to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

Max Lucado puts it like this:
“Ponder the achievement of God. God does not condone our sin, nor does he compromise his standard. He does not ignore our rebellion, nor does he relax his demands. Rather than dismiss our sin, he assumes our sin and, incredibly, God sentences himself. God is still holy. Sin is still sin. And yet we are redeemed.”

Easter releases us from the prison of sin. Sin locks you behind bars of guilt and shame and deception and fear. Sin does nothing but shackle to o the wall of misery. But then Easter comes and Jesus not only pays your bail but also satisfies the penalty and sets you free.

AND...He does all of it while declaring you to be righteous and justified (Romans 3: 21-24). -- In other words, not only are you free from sin, but it is as if you had never done anything in the first place! This is unheard of!

Have you ever heard of a discharged prisoner who wants to stay in prison? Why would you ever want to set foot in that prison again? Do you miss the guilt? Are you homesick for shame and rejection? Do you have fond memories for being lied to and forgotten?

It is Easter! I want to challenge you to walk away from any prison that might be holding your heart. Don’t let Easter be merely a day of colored eggs, bunnies and chocolate goodies. We can all enjoy those things. But what a tragedy if that is all it is. Instead, let Easter transform your heart. Grab hold of the reality that Jesus Christ has provided a way out of the prison. That the penalties have all been paid and now - today - we are completely and totally free to finally live life as He intends!

Our lives are new. Let’s begin an endless alleluia to the King of Kings!

-Pastor John