Interim Pastor's Page
October 2014

Fall is my favorite time of the year to run in Colorado. Not only do the turning leaves make my everyday route stand out with spectacular beauty I also see far more animals as they are busy preparing for the long winter ahead. In fact on my last few runs I have encountered a fair number of snakes.

Like the animals, fall is a time of preparation for me as well. Every fall as the kids head back to school I design my own syllabus of things I want to learn about and accomplish. This year I have on my syllabus to talk to my attorney about writing a new will for my family. While it's not a fun thing to do, I don’t want to be caught unprepared, just as an animal wants to avoid being hungry during the winter. One of the things that I will be talking to my attorney about will be establishing a financial gift to the church as a part of our will.

This church is important and I believe in its ministry. This idea comes from another interim pastor who, when she departs a church, writes that church into her will. Amy and I will be including The Presbyterian Church of Broomfield in our estate planning. We will do so because we want to be intentional in supporting the mission and ministry of this church long into the future. The old notion says that we can’t take any money with us. That is true. While we cannot take our money with us we are still responsible for it. In his book, Not Your Parents Offering Plate , Christopher Clif argues every one of us has a will. Writing in his book he states. “Let me be clear as I can. The issue is whether you will write your own or will you let the court write it for you. If you fail to write one then you die without a plan, which is just like burying God’s treasure in the ground.” As we move into this time of stewardship and transition I invite you to follow my lead and take the time to include the church in your estate planning. Take it from nature; it’s good to be prepared .