Interim Pastor's Page
June & July 2014

When I build my dream home it will include a work room with lots of counter space, a laboratory, an art studio, and a library with shelves and a big oversized chair. I tell you this because this summer worship becomes a place to study, create and experiment with the way we respond to God’s amazing love.

This past month, session created a worship group to take a hard look at why we worship the way we do. The name of the committee is 2&1. The name references a football play where the offense has a play that is second down with one yard to go. In this situation a coach can use any play in the playbook because with only one yard to go and two chances to pick up the yard there is a second chance if the high risk play fails.

The worship group will be implementing an action/reflection style of learning as we experiment with worship. Beginning on June 15 and concluding on August 31 the committee will experiment with time, place, sermon, learning styles, readings, in worship. Some of the ideas we will try you will love, while other events may not be your cup of tea. We simply ask that you work to keep an open mind and heart as we move through these ten weeks. We want to assure you we are not experimenting just to experiment or have fun this summer. Instead the worship group is very interested in the reflection piece of the equation and we will be spending time and energy to interpret the feedback from you all so that we can provide quality worship and find ways to grow as we move into the future with a new pastor. Feedback received this summer will be helpful resources for your new pastor when she/he arrives early next year.

Your feedback is crucial for this all to work. My hope is you will provide the committee with honest, reflective, thoughtful and informative feedback. If you like something, tell us why. If we do something that you do not like, let us know what it was and why that particular event did not work for you.

The committee has created a Google Document that will be open for all people to see. You will be able to see first-hand the notes and ideas of the committee. If you have ideas, suggestions, requests, or feedback please email me or one of the members of the committee. Again I will emphasize that the reflection component will be as important as the action piece. Please provide us with ideas and feedback.

There is one thing that will not change this summer and that is our commitment to keeping Jesus at the center of our worship. The way we respond to his commission might be different at times but keeping Christ central cannot and will not change.