Kid's Hope USA

Kids Hope: One Hour, One School, One Mentor, One Student = One Major Impact on a child.

Our mentoring program is back at Emerald Elementary school. As a church congregation, we often talk about not having kids inside our building. We have an amazing opportunity with 200 kids in need of some support, just waiting for us to give a little time.

Each mentor/student is assigned a prayer partner who confidentially prays for them. Emerald is a high-needs school and only 3 blocks from the church. Spending time with one child is a blessing for both the mentor and child.

If you have one hour a week that you are willing to share, be "Jesus with skin on” to a child". If you have questions please talk to a current mentor. Current mentors are Karen Davis, Paula Ludwig, Joe Laslo, Ruth King, Mary Hellen, Lisa Barlow, Jane Vanderkoii, Butch, Brittany & Susan Bailey.

Susan Bailey 303-875-6882 or email her