Youth Ministry

Youth Group - 6th-12th graders - Hyper Young Christians (HYC)

HYC meets Wednesday evenings 6:00-8:00 pm in the upstairs Fellowship Hall.

The Hyper Young Christian Youth Group has had a busy summer. Thank you to everyone who has supported the mission trip to Laguna, New Mexico.

We appreciate your donations, buying burritos, cooking and supplying food. We had a great 3rd trip to the Reservation of the Laguna & Seama Native Americans. We started out with a great welcome on July 21st. We did VBS Weird Animals for four days. We also had youth group every night. Upon finding out that the children have not had a Christmas Pageant in 15 + years, we added that to the program on July 25, with the most precious children. We also were invited to the summer Feast. We went to 2 different homes to eat, and celebrate with our new friends. There was a “throw” held before the Feast. The family hosting tosses goodies off of their roof, sharing their blessings and also asking for prayers and help for someone in their family. Being our 3rd time to go to Laguna, we had many more opportunities to share, visit and learn the culture and their traditions. We have lots of pictures and stories to share. Anne even got to come down to bring Jessie and Shannon to join the trip. Attending were Susan, Butch, Brittany, Joanna Chang, Danny Martin, Jessie & Shannon Mooney, Kayla Bowers, and Emma Dempsey. It was an absolute honor to serve the Lord together.

Club 45 is only for 4th and 5th graders! This will be an amazing youth group time with activities, Bible skits, games, special field trips, projects, movies, puppets, munchies, friends, fun, making videos, talk about being a 4th & 5th grader, and so much more. Lunch will be provided. This will be on the second Sunday of each month starting in October.

Questions call Susan Bailey 303-875-6882

We are currently working on Peter Pan with the drama camp children. Rehearsals are Wednesdays and Saturdays and the performance is on October 25, 2014.

Questions call Susan or Brittany 303-875-6882 or email