Sunday School

Presbyterian Church of Broomfield has several on-going programs which include the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Children's Church, and Adult Seminars.

Sunday School for 4 years old through teens 10:45 every Sunday! (except December 29)

Adult Sunday School is scheduled 9:15 – 10:15 a.m.. We will be studying 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus, with the help of John Stott’s study guide. Study guides will be available to participants. Besides the study of 1Timothy and Titus, we may address a special Bible Study topic during Advent; participants last year found this to be enjoyable.

Attendance at Adult Sunday School has typically been 6-12 participants. This Bible Study is an open, not a closed, group. Attendance at all sessions is not mandatory, as weekly lessons are treated as separate studies. Of course, attendance for all of the 1 Timothy lessons would give one a better understanding of the ministry of Paul and Timothy.

The Adult Sunday School is self-directed by church members. While we appreciate input from our pastor on the interpretation of scripture, and occasionally ask for help with thorny theological questions, we do not expect our pastor to lead the Bible Study.

Bill Madura

Questions? please email Bill Madura at or Rosemary Bogart at