Children’s Community Theater

The Children’s Community Theater had a great Christmas Pageant on Dec. 15. We had 7 of our kids, and 8 from the community. It was an amazing play, and the kids worked very hard. We combine drama with youth group activities for 8 weeks, and end with a dinner theater. Thank you for everyone who supported these awesome children. We will be doing a spring project just before VBS. Right now we are planning for the next project.

Questions? call Susan Bailey 303-875-6882

Puppet Ministry :
This is a wonderful and fun ministry to share the Bible stories and music in a very creative way. Plus, the children love it and really remember the stories presented this way.











If you are interested, please call contact Susan Bailey 303-875-6882 or email dramamama4578@comcast.net .

Puppeteers need to be middle school - adult, unless additional training has been provided..